Appellate and Litigation Support

Retaining seasoned appellate counsel before trial often proves to be a potent device when the stakes are high. An experienced appellate strategist can assist you as trial counsel in formulating issues, crafting dispositive motions, preserving error for appeal, and maintaining the long view in the litigation process.

Engaging appellate support is a solid business decision, especially for busy solo practitioners and small firms. The assistance of knowledgeable appellate counsel will help you to provide your clients with a fuller array of litigation services and a broader base of expertise. It may also allow you to retain clients you might otherwise have to refer to a larger firm and assist in freeing up your busy schedule.

If you feel that your firm or a particular client may benefit from involving appellate counsel prior to trial or for an appeal, please feel free to contact us to discuss your current needs.

Durant Law services include consultation on appellate procedure, co-counsel arrangements on appeal, legal research in the trial and appellate courts, and drafting of dispositive motions and briefs. Our goals are to enhance your client relationships and to assist you and your client in succeeding in the trial court and, if necessary, on appeal.

If you feel that your firm might benefit by involving appellate counsel, please feel free to contact us to discuss your current needs.

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